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About 75km's off of the Geraldton coast, Western Australia, lies the incredible island known as Post Office Island. In late August 2023, I was lucky enough to head there for an Australian Geographic assignment. Post Office Island is located in amongst the Pelsaert Group of the Abrolhos Islands which is south most group of islands. The Abrolhos Islands as a whole consist of 122 Islands. These islands are the most southerly coral islands in the Indian Ocean which make it truly special to the locals, which I was lucky enough to stay with for the week.

The islands are famous for a number of major shipwrecks but I was there to capture something a little different, the Liddon Family and the island they call home. The Liddon Family have been on Post Office Island for four generations and run a number of operations including pearl farming and crayfishing.

During the time I was there I managed to luck out and receive some of the most incredible weather as well as the Humpback whales migrating south which was an added bonus. This will go down as one of the most incredible jobs I've done and hopefully I get to visit them again in the future.

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