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All About Me

The love for photography came when I started travelling in 2011 with my first trip to New Zealand. From there the travel bug hit and it hit hard. I then travelled a fair proportion of Western and Eastern Europe photographing anything and everything. I did the normal thing and posted my photos on social media not realising what would be in store. I gained a decent following, with touring companies beginning to contact me, and travelling became a lot cheaper! This began the 6 years of on and off travelling, photographing and adventuring around the world.”


I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most incredible places over the years including the rainforests of Sri Lanka, Northern Lights in Norway, Glaciers of New Zealand, and ruins of Cambodia. Exploring the world was what lead to the love of photography and telling stories through images.

While photography was always a passion it never really paid so I had to rely on travel the continuous travel I was doing to be able to capture new and interesting photos. In 2020 as COVID took over I moved back to the country where the love of Ag photography began. Since then my predominantly photography and videography business has allowed me to travel around capturing farms, stations and rural business alike. From those experiences I've managed to get a fair collection of photography what I'm pleased and very humbled to sell! 

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